We want to help increase American voter participation.


We believe that American elections and voting can have an immense impact on how our democratic system functions, yet millions of Americans do not exercise their right to vote on election day. In 2016, more than 40% of the American voting population did not cast a ballot. We would like to change this.

Campaign Director uses technology to help increase voter turnout with social accountability features that enable simple information tracking among friends and family. Our app allows you to easily add your friends onto a list. When they opt-in with you to commit to voting, you are both able to see each others progress towards casting a ballot.

About Us

Campaign Director is a community service project of Midwest Design Lab LLC (MWDL), an American technology company that builds digital systems for clients and develops in-house software and hardware products. Campaign Director and MWDL are nonpartisan. We believe that our democracy is strengthened as more people participate in the voting process. Our hope is that Campaign Director can play a role in encouraging more people to vote, and that a citizen’s decision to vote will encourage them to become a more informed and engaged American.

Democracy is the cornerstone of a free and fair society, and we want to do our part to ensure that America can realize its full potential.

How can you help?

A) Download the app, add your friends, and send us suggestions by emailing support@campaigndirector.org.

B) Join the CD Volunteer team to help coordinate our organizational outreach operations.

C) Would you like to help reduce our tech infrastructure costs? Make a contribution (note: we are not a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, therefore your contributions will not be tax deductable). 100% of your support will pay for the continued maintenance of CD.

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