Frequently Asked Question

Why did you make Campaign Director?

Campaign Director is a social impact project of Midwest Design Lab LLC, an American design firm that builds digital products for clients and develops in-house software and hardware products. The goal of Campaign Director is to encourage young people to get their friends and families to vote in every American election. Historically, young people have low voter turnout rates across the country. Campaign Director uses technology to increase voter turnout with social accountability features that enable simple information tracking among friends.

How much does Campaign Director cost?

Campaign Director (CD) is 100% free for our users. The initiative is a public service project of Midwest Design Lab LLC (MWDL), a web design and product development company based in San Francisco and Indianapolis. Our company commits to using technology for good, and Campaign Director is one means to accomplish this goal. Campaign Director is funded by MWDL and generous contributors who love the product.

For whom is Campaign Director made?

CD is made for anyone who wants to encourage their friends and family members to vote in American elections. Naturally, it is made for American citizens who are eligible to vote. We have a goal to make it easier for all Americans to cast a ballot and have a voice in our democratic process.

How can I get in contact with you?

Please contact us at with any questions or comments. For those who would like to explore potential partnerships with us, please contact

Will you be sharing user data with anyone?

We take security and privacy very seriously. We will never share individual personal information with anyone who is not associated with our organization. We do plan to release reports with generalized population information to let our community know how the system impacts and can affect our country. For example, we may share information about the average number of invites a user sends out or what percentage of our user base has voted. We also would like to publicize leaderboards in the future based on points gained by prolific users–this would only apply to those who have opted in to approve this. We will not, however, share information about specific individuals and their actions. When a user integrates their contacts list into the app, we do not upload the contact information to our servers (i.e. we do not know who your contacts are unless they are invited).

What happens with my data if I delete my account?

Our systems delete your information entirely. The only items that remain in our system related to you are points gained by others from inviting you or the information related to users you have invited who have remained on our system.

Why do you use phone numbers for authentication?

We use phone numbers because they can be more secure than emails, as we require new users to confirm their identities by submitting codes we share back with the added phone number. Phone number authentication keeps the system accessible yet relatively more secure.

How does the point system work?

You earn 20 points for registering to vote. You earn 10 points for inviting a friend. You earn 5 point when your friend invites another friend. You can earn up to 40 points for voting. The more people you add the more points you could potentially earn. Those who are able to invite friends who are likely to invite many of their friends have the potential to earn the most points.

What are some future updates for me to expect?

We want to share a leaderboard of those who are most impactful with CD. We also want to share a list of contributors who help fund CD operations. These will be opt-in initiatives as we take privacy and security very seriously.

Can you tell me more about the team that has built Campaign Director?

We are a group of designers and developers based in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Indianapolis. Our tech leads are Jason Silberman and YJ Heo.

Why are you nonpartisan?

Campaign Director and Midwest Design Lab LLC are nonpartisan. We believe that our democracy is strengthened as more people participate in the voting process. Our hope is that Campaign Director can play a role in encouraging more young people to vote, and that a young citizen’s decision to vote will encourage him or her to become a more informed and engaged American.

Have members of your team made political contributions?

We are happy to share this information with journalists who want to learn more about the team behind the project. Please email us at for more information.