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If you have any questions, concerns, issues with the Campaign Director App, please contact us at

Organizational and Business Partnerships

We are also open to hearing from business and organizations that want to form partnerships with us to increase American voter participation. Campaign Director is a long-term service project of Midwest Design Lab. We want to establish and grow long-term relationships with organizations that can benefit from access to additional technology resources to achieve similar goals. Please contact us at for more information.

Collegiate Partnerships

While Campaign Director can be used by anyone, one of our primary goals is to increase voter turnout rates among young Americans. If you are a college student, university administrator, or professor, who would like to form a partnership at your institution, please contact us at

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Campaign Director is a non-partisan, community service project built by Midwest Design Lab LLC, a technology company based in Indianapolis and San Francisco.

The work behind Campaign Director is all year round, and we have a focus on making sure we invest as much in midterm elections as we do presidential elections. Given how important it is that data is managed properly, we only use secure technologies to build our systems, and whenever possible we use your phone to process data as opposed to uploading your information to our servers. For financial contributions, we use Stripe, which is a payment processor that has the best-in-class security system to protect everyone’s financial information.

We are very proud of our product and what we believe Campaign Director can help accomplish. If you also love CD and would like to support the continued maintenance and future development of Campaign Director, please contribute below. 100% of your support will be used for the purpose of maintaining and improving the product.

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